Lovedale Vineyard Museum Collection

Lovedale Vineyard Museum Collection


It was with a firm belief in regional definition, single vineyard wines and a thorough understanding of the Hunter Valley landscape, that the late Maurice O'Shea planted the famed Lovedale vineyard in 1946. Lovedale is home to an extraordinary wine of delicacy, yet power, of poise yet intensity, of effortless, yet haunting length. A true vineyard wine, that sings of place and of time, a wine that could be from nowhere else on earth.

This Museum Collection includes:
1 x 2014 Lovedale Semillon
1 x 2014 1946 Vines Lovedale Semillon

1 x 2018 1946 Vines Lovedale Semillon
1 x 2019 1946 Vines Lovedale Semillon

These wines have been ageing gracefully in the Mount Pleasant cellar since bottling and are the perfect addition to any wine lover's collection.