The Mount Pleasant Flagship range are benchmark wines originating from the Hunter Valley, including our Lovedale Semillon and Maurice O’Shea Shiraz.


The Block range pays tribute to the toils of Mount Pleasant founder Maurice O'Shea and feature wines from some of the original plantations in the Mount Pleasant vineyard.

Heritage Collection

The Heritage collection showcases the history of Mount Pleasant's special sites and the amazing wines including Old Paddock & Old Hill Shiraz and Rosehill Shiraz.


Mount Pleasant has had a rich history with Fortified Wines. O’Shea produced sweet fortified Liqueur Verdelho during the 1920’s and since then a ‘mother blend’ has been maintained.


The Mountain Range wines pay homage to Maurice O’Shea’s talent as a master blender. He had an amazing ability to make and recognise small unique parcels of land.

Family Collection

Popular wines and classic styles, including Elizabeth Semillon and Philip Shiraz.

Vineyard Collection

The Vineyard collection displays the richness and diversity of the individual sites of Mount Pleasant. Small-parcel, hand crafted wines, primarily single vineyard or estate grown and are made in very limited volumes.


“What happens when wine makers are allowed to experiment? In this limited batch range our incredible winemakers are given a free reign to follow their heart and take some risks. Take a walk on the B-Side….”


Paying tribute to some of Mount Pleasant’s as well as the Hunter Valley’s historical labels and styles.

Singing in the Rain

In a wine region prone to wet weather like the Hunter Valley, vintage can be a trying time. These challenging conditions make the Hunter Valley a wine region like no other and that's why we're Singing in the Rain.