O’Shea Award Nominations

MEDIA RELEASE – Maurice O’Shea Award Nominations 2016

McWilliam’s Wines is pleased to announce that we are now inviting nominations for the 2016 McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award from across the industry.

The 2016 McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award Event will be held in Adelaide on Monday, 25 July 2016 in conjunction with the 16th AWITC and the WFA Outlook Conference which are being held as a combined event in Adelaide from 24 to 28 July 2016.

The McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award recognises an individual, brand, activity, association, institute or corporation which has made a historically significant contribution to the Australian Wine Industry. As the McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award is not an award that simply recognises industry service, we ask that nominations are made based on the above criteria, with historically significant achievements that have benefited the entire industry.

We invite you to make up to three nominations and outline the achievements of each, and ask that nominations are kept confidential.

Previous winners of the Maurice O’Shea Award are:

• Dr Peter Dry (2014)
• The Australian Screwcap Initiative (2012)
• Philip Laffer AM (2010)
• Dr John Gladstones (2008)
• The late Dr Ray Beckwith OAM (2006)
• The late Guenter Prass AM (2004)
• Australian Wine Research Institute (2002)
• Dr Wolf Blass AM (2000)
• The late Dr Bryce Rankine AM (1998)
• Brian Croser AO (1997)
• Hazel Murphy AM (1996)
• James Halliday AM (1995)
• The Jacob’s Creek Brand (1994)
• The late David Wynn AO (1993)
• The late Ron Potter OAM (1992)
• The late Len Evans OBE AO (1991)
• The late Max Schubert AM (1990)

It would be appreciated if nominations could be provided by Friday, 29 April 2016, to me in confidence via post or email nominations@mcwilliamswines.com.au.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Yours sincerely,


Robert Blackwell
Chief Executive Officer
McWilliam’s Wines’



The late wine commentator Max Lake once asked about the great Maurice O’Shea: “How will history deal with his reputation when the wines and friends are gone?” Initiated in 1990, the biennial McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award commemorates and pays homage to the legendary Maurice O’Shea.

Described by leading wine critic, James Halliday as “…the highest honour the Australian wine industry (through McWilliam’s) can confer on one of its members,” the Maurice O’Shea Award is presented to an individual, group, corporation or entity that has made a significant contribution to the Australian Wine Industry.

…the highest honour the Australian wine industry (through McWilliam’s) can confer on one of its members
– James Halliday

The Maurice O’Shea Award is awarded at an event held every two years and is attended by more than 250 people across the Australian Wine Industry. The 2016 event is scheduled for July 25 in Adelaide at the Adelaide Convention Centre. We are currently accepting nominations for the 2016 award.


If you are interested in attending, you can buy tickets here.