We are very pleased to present a digitally colourised collection of photographs of Maurice O’Shea and the Mount Pleasant winery from the 1950’s.

The original series of black and white photographs were taken by Max Dupain, who is one of Australia’s most revered and celebrated photographers.

Max Dupain was born in Sydney in 1911 and his illustrious career continued up until just before his passing in 1992. His works also feature in many of the great galleries across the world as well as some of the world’s most respected private collections.

His photographs of Maurice O’Shea and the Mount Pleasant winery have become synonymous with the great Hunter Valley winemaker and his winery, capturing an amazing spectrum of subjects, from the processes of winemaking to beautiful landscapes and more personal family shots.

Digital colourisation has become an increasingly popular way to bring old photographs back to life, reminding us that life was lived in colour back then and helping to make the characters more relatable.

Senior Winemaker at Mount Pleasant Adrian Sparks says that the digitally colourised photographs shine a new light on some classic photographs that capture the winery in its formative years.

“We have grown to love the timeless black and white photographs as much as the wines of O’Shea’s times. They are a classic depiction of the history of our winery and this celebrated figure of Australian winemaking. Now technology has given us the opportunity to be able to see into the past through his eyes, which is amazing resource to have.”

The updated photographs were made by digital artist Alex Kemp. In an amazing insight to this process, you can actually view Alex’s process of digitally colourising the images in the video below.