You may notice something a little different next time you pass our Lovedale Vineyard on Wine Country Drive!

Our Viticulturist, Steve Ferguson, and his team are undertaking a refurbishment of a few blocks of the Lovedale Vineyard to maintain our high standards of quality.

With work commencing in early August, first the trellis network was removed, followed by the posts.

Bobcat removing vineyard posts

The next step is to carefully extract each of the individual vines to make way for the new plantings. The empty blocks will now have their topsoil turned and enriched, ready for new vines to be planted in the Spring.

Blank canvas

While the majority of these empty blocks will be replanted with Semillon vines in Spring 2022, we will also be planting multiple Chardonnay clones this season which have been carefully selected to suit the unique conditions of the vineyard. Exciting times ahead for Mount Pleasant's vineyards!