It was an early but exciting start on a sunny Sunday morning when we arrived at Central station and were greeted by the eager crew from the 3801 Limited Historical train company.

The train was already stocked with food and wine and loaded with keen passengers ready for the big day ahead.

The old Diesel engine pulled us away from the station, and the journey began. After three more stops down the track we had picked up all of the passengers and everyone was on board, heading for the Hunter Valley!

The McWilliam family (all ages and shapes) filled the buffet car with two first class cars and a second class car. The first class passengers enjoyed a welcome glass or two of Champagne Taittinger to kick off the day.

It was then time to conduct the wine tasting, showcasing some of the new McWilliam’s Appellation wines. It was an exciting and fun opportunity for punters to see this fantastic new range for the first time. All commuters received the wines well and were suitably impressed with the package and concept. Overall it was a fun filled few hours on the train before alighting at Maitland station for the transfer to Mount Pleasant.

Once at the winery all guests proceeded through to the barrel shed, where they enjoyed lunch and were shown the remaining Appellation wines.

After lunch everyone had the opportunity to partake in a tasting of the new release Mount Pleasant wines.

A random draw was conducted for those who placed orders with the prize being a bottle of 1877 signed by the McWilliam family present on the day. The lucky winner was a very grateful Peter Mears,. pictured below. “I’ve never won anything before” was the first thing he said with a big smile on his face.